senior-4By Richard Simon on July 26th, 2014 | Newport Beach Independent

This is one father who’s truly unhappy having put two kids through college.

No, not my own children. My orthopedist’s.

In a long life of body-risking sports, I’ve broken bones, worn out cartilage, sprained muscle, strained ligaments and have sported bruises whose various colors all can be found in a box of crayons.

Now that I’m in my 70s and (debatably) wiser, I’ve discovered a couple of activities that will preserve what’s left of my anatomical integrity, yet work all of my connective tissues without injury. Both are Asian in origin: Tai Chi and Longevity Stick. Both are offered through Oasis Senior center, as well as privately.

In our flurried world, where speed and strength are the popular measures of athletic prowess, both Tai Chi and Longevity Stick encourage you to hurry up to slow down.