Tai Chi (Tai Chi Chuan) is often referred to as "Meditation in Movement" because of its graceful appearance. It is a martial art that combines flowing physical movement with Chi circulation, breathing, and stretching techniques. Based upon the 3000 year old Chinese philosophies of Ying & Yang and the Five Elements, Tai Chi promotes health, well-being and longevity. Consisting of a sequence of smooth flowing movements, Tai Chi integrates the mind AND the body.

The philosophical term Tai Chi was first described in two Chinese Taoism books; Book of Change and Tao De Ching written around the 2nd millennium B.C.

After researching and observing natural phenomena, philosophers such as Lao Tze, and Chuan Tze arrived at the conclusion that everything in the universe was cyclical. Tao is translated as the "Path", or the "Road".

The modern forms of Tai Chi are derived from the martial art teachings of the Chen family at Chen's village in northern China.

Beginning in the mid 1800's Yang Lu-Chan, founder of the Yang style form, learned martial art from the Chen family.Yang Lu-Chan modified the movements into a new type of martial art motion merging Chen's techniques with Taoist Ying and Yang philosophical theory.

Tai Chi Chuan, literally means Supreme Ultimate Fist and is a Chinese martial art. Taoism philosophy serves as the theoretical foundation of Tai Chi Chuan.

Martial art practitioners developed this slow, soft and internal style martial art with the purpose of living in harmony with nature. Through the dedication of multiple scholars over thousands of years, Taosim has evolved, and Ying and Yang change theory has been applied to Chinese Martial Arts.

Increased energy, reduced stress, improved blood circulation, health and longevity, ability to relax on a deeper level, balancing, breathing, mind focus, coordination and concentration.

Of all the dreams and fantasies of human-kind, one of the most cherished must certainly be the ever-elusive Fountain of Youth. Throughout the ages, countless scientists, alchemists, scholars and others have diligently sought the secret of unending youth, health and vitality. For all that they really accomplished, the searchers and dreamers would have been better off if they had just taken the time to learn Tai Chi.